AKUT + [C] Podcast – Episode 2

Anlässlich der Ereignisse um den Mord an George Floyd, widmen wir uns in dieser zweiten Episode unseres AKUT + [C] Podcast dem Thema:

Racist (police) violence in Germany – Interview with Rex Osa

This time in English:

“…On the 25th of May, George Floyd was killed by a white cop in Minneapolis. He was one of many more victims of racist police violence in the USA and his death triggered massive protests all over the country. Also in Germany, thousands of people demonstrate under the slogan “black-lives-matter” and the topic is widely discussed in the media.

We would like to put the events of the last weeks in a bigger picture and discuss racism in Germany, as well as anti-racist activism. We would like to work out, what can be done from a left-wing perspective. For that, we are very happy that we could win Rex Osa as our interview partner…”

Enjoy and stay tuned for further episodes!

Wenn Ihr die wichtige Arbeit von Rex und Refugees4refugees unterstützen wollt, informiert euch auf der Homepage. Auch Spenden sind immer wichtig und höchst willkommen!

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